AWS Cost Features

Analyze, Manage, & Optimize Your AWS Cost

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Lower Cloud Cost

Users find an average of 32% savings from wasted spend


No Billing Surprises

Catch a sudden rise on spend before it becomes problematic


Optimized resources

Analyze AWS performance, capacity, and cost in one view

Bill Analysis

End the Complication of AWS Billing

  • Total Cost Dashboard

    When using the AWS services cost report, you can easily see all of your costs at a glance with 4 dashboard widgets.

  • AWS Services Cost

    A full breakdown of your AWS Services, sortable by: Service, Total Cost, Comparison Period Cost, Delta, and Delta %.



Find The Perfect EC2 For Any Scenario

  • EC2 Recommendation

    We analyze EC2s resource utilization (ex. CPU, memory) to give recommendations for right-sizing your instances.

  • Utilization Box-plot

    Visualize utilization of AWS elements, making it easy to identify where your environment is over- or under-provisioned.