Metricly Cloud is a cost optimization solution that help you save on your cloud expenses without the need to change your current infrastructure.

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Enjoy the same pricing benefits exclusively available to AWS Enterprise Customers.

Metricly Cloud is part of the AWS Partner Network (APN) and an enterprise customer of AWS. This means that as a client of Metricly Cloud, you are able to access discounts and special pricing that are only available to enterprise customers of AWS.

Billing Analysis

Metricly Cloud's billing analysis feature is an invaluable tool for companies looking to maximize their cloud potential and save money on their AWS costs.

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Do not get surprised by your AWS Bill

Metricly Cloud also provides detailed reporting and visualization to assist with the optimization process, making it an essential tool for keeping your AWS bill optimized and clean. With Metricly Cloud, you can rest easy knowing that your AWS billing is being constantly monitored

See everything in one place

When you use Metricly, you get: detailed billing analysis, idle resource reports, sizing and reservation recommendations, emailed reports, and real-time notifications of capacity bottlenecks, all in a single platform.

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